Project Management Workshops and Trainings

Project Management WORKSHOPS & TRAININGS

WORKSHOPS & Trainings

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Historical overview of PM

Pragmatic & thought-provoking

Interactive & playful

Individual & Team working

Strategic, goal-directed thinking

Uniqe Milestone Planning

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Project Management Workshops and Trainings

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”
Bruce Lee

We assume you and your team frequently face many Project Management challenges. There are plenty of reasons for it.

We think effective communication is crucial.
Do you speak the same project management language at the Enterprise level?

Our unique workshop can help to answer this fundamental question.

Why do you need our unique workshop?

Because the 'think-out-of-the-box' attitude can help improve your efficiency. Higher project management maturity levels can lead to a higher project success rate.

What can you learn from our unique method?

  • You can recognize different project management approaches.
  • You can have an insight into the Project Management Process.
  • You can tell the difference between Project Management Life Cycle and Project Life Cycle.
  • You can validate that Milestones are not millstones.
  • You can discover that Project Managers are much more than just task managers.
  • You can speak a common language in project management.

Who is it for?

Our workshop is intended for project directors, project managers, and project team leaders.


It is always the best time to get started.


Workshop venues: on site or in the exclusive Prónay Castle in the magnificent valley of the Cserhát hill in Hungary.

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