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Your Program and Project Management is going to be very easy using easyPROJECT Web Application developed by Easy Software.

CRM, Project Management and HelpDesk functionalities are integrated in one great Project Management Web Application.

The world's cutting edge Project Management web tool easyPROJECT covers almost all areas of PMI's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the Goal-Directed Project Management (GDPM) as well as the currently popular Agile methodology.

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Why use Easy-EPM™ ?

5-Ways' Easy-EPM™ customization package extends the project management functionalities of easyPROJECT with a success-oriented approach and enterprise level Project Management capabilities.

Easy-EPM™ customization is built on the easyPROJECT framework with pre-defined Project-view templates, element types, custom fields (with special calculations), and unique visualizations along the logic of Enterprise Project Management Processes.

Easy-EPM™ extends the task-driven project management approach using Goal-Directed Project Management (GDPM) milestones, deliverables and result paths. It supports visually the Project Management Life Cycle (a.k.a. Project Management Process).

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